Cryptoshares your safest crypto investment fund

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Cryptoshares is an online investment platform where you can earn decent earning of 30% after 15days of investment. We call your investment crypto shares because they are put into cryptocurrency trading while your ROI is dividend you get on your investment. 

At Cryptoshares we have experienced traders in cryptocurrency market to manage the funds so as to enable maximum profit from the market as much as 10% daily sometimes. However, we have decided to give a fixed return of 30% after 15 days while we keep the rest profit to maintain our system and also make some profit for ourselves.

We also have a referral program system which is meant to serve a dual purpose of marketing and giving more return back to our clients. We decided to spend a little out of our marketing budget for our client by giving out 5% referral bonus for every new investor you bring to us as a client. This way it is a win win situation for us and for your our clients.